Concert The Music of Hans Zimmer & Others

The Music of Hans Zimmer & Others – A celebration of film music in concert in Besançon (Micropolis)February 5, 2025. All practical information (prices, tickets, seating chart) for this concert can be found on this page. Reserve your seats now to attend this concert in Besançon ! Star Entertainment presents: “The Music of Hans Zimmer” … Read more

Facebook and Instagram want to use your data to train AI, how to refuse?

Meta will soon change its privacy policy. The American giant will soon allow the use of personal data collected by Facebook and Instagram to train its artificial intelligence. Always faithful to his purpose think sentient and truly effective AI, Mark Zuckerberg’s company continues its race for LLMs. Thanks to the millions of Internet users who … Read more

The negative impact of ghosting in a professional environment

Ghosting, characterized by sudden disappearance without explanation, is a common phenomenon in the professional environment. As an experienced therapist, I admit that I myself have experienced this type of behavior in the past. However, over time I became aware of its ineffectiveness. With about twenty years of experience, I analyze every conflict to better understand … Read more

two shocking announcements for iPhone users

Apple recently started accepting alternative app stores on iOS, officially called alternative app markets. We also explained to you howAltStorebut also Setup Mobiletwo true first-of-its-kind services available and usable on the iPhone. But if they quickly shook up the native App Store, it seems that a third player expected around the corner wants to take … Read more

discovery of surprising properties of elastic turbulence

A polymer that stretches in elastic turbulent flow. Polymers in the liquid act like micro-springs, stretching with the movement of the liquid before returning energy to the liquid upon contraction. Credits: prof. Marco E. Rosti/OIST The discovery of elastic turbulence shows more similarities to classical Newtonian turbulence than expected. Blood, lymph fluid and other biological … Read more

AI brings more intelligence to software development – ​​Actusduweb – Today’s news in France and the world in real time

Sankai/Getty Images Will artificial intelligence (AI) help move DevOps efforts from fragile to agile? There is speculation in the industry that AI can significantly speed up not only code generation for software, but all the details that come with it, including specifications, documentation, testing, implementation, etc. AI has been used for several years in its … Read more